Kirkland Restaurants

A Bite of Sichuan - Moss Bay
Alanya Cafe - Moss Bay
Alta Healthy Cafe - Totem Lake
Beach Cafe - Lakeview
Beijing O'Chef - Moss Bay
Big Fish Grill - Lakeview
Cafe Happy - Moss Bay
Caffe Ladro - Moss Bay
Caffe Rococo - Moss Bay
Carillon Kitchen - Lakeview
Casino Caribbean - Kingsgate
Chef City Grill - North Rose Hill
Couzin's Cafe - North Rose Hill
DERU market - Norkirk
Divinity Coffee - South Juanita
George's - Moss Bay
Great China Restaurant - Inglewood-Finn Hill
Izumi - Totem Lake
Jersey Mike's Subs - South Juanita
Just Poké - Moss Bay
Kirkland Pho House - North Rose Hill
Kona Moka Cafe - South Juanita
Lau's - Totem Lake
Lilac Cafe - Moss Bay
Little Brother - Moss Bay
LizzyKate - Moss Bay
Mercurys Coffee Co. - North Rose Hill
Midori Teriyaki - Bridle Trails
Mmm...Javalicious - Totem Lake
Pho Mignon - Totem Lake
Pho Tai - Moss Bay
Phoenix Land Spicy - Totem Lake
Raw Bar 89 - Moss Bay
Shake It - Totem Lake
Shari's - North Rose Hill
Shibu Ramen - South Juanita
Spicy Talk Bistro - Totem Lake
Spud Fish & Chips - South Juanita
Starbucks - South Rose Hill
The Dub Pub - North Rose Hill
The Game Neighborhood Grill - Inglewood-Finn Hill
The Green Beanery - Bridle Trails
The Lime - North Rose Hill
The Market St - Norkirk
The Slip - Moss Bay
Tony's Sports Bar - Kingsgate
urban COFFEE lounge - South Juanita
urban COFFEE lounge - North Rose Hill