Big Ron Eats Austin

Jun 30, 2017   : :   Ron D.

If you like good food, but you like a good deal too, then you are reading the right blog. As a 6 foot 6, 300 pound ex-college football player you wouldn't be surprised that I like to eat. But I am not your typical grab me a bag of big macs kind of guy - I have a passion for this shit! I'm half Mexican and grew up on my mother's hip in the kitchen; constantly surrounded by a culture where everything revolves around a big delicious meal. But as I get older (this year is my big dirty 30) I have taken on adult responsibilities. Responsibilities like; being a husband, a house owner, and a doggy dad, all while working two jobs. Sadly, I am realizing that I don't have the time or the money to regularly enjoy these delightfully, gluttonous types of meals as often. But alas, there is always time for those hidden gem restaurants, that go easy on the wallet and prevent me from having to do the dishes. 

This brings me to the point of the blogs I will be posting. We are all guilty of it. Guilty of finding those go-to restaurants and planning our week around making it for that bomb ass margarita, or taco special on Tuesday nights, or the killer reverse happy hour tapas with no wait. My point is - people like me like to find good deals for good food at cool restaurants. You don't have to spend a week's worth of grocery money on one night of eating out. Whether you have a big group of visitors you are hoping to please, or you just want to have a hot date over some Hot Pots without breaking the bank. It should be easier to find a solution than letting your h-anger (hunger+anger) get the best of you first.

Now that I am working for an awesome Austin start-up called GrubBid that is geared towards this premise for Austin foodies, I want to expose as many best bang for your buck meals around Austin as I can.

So stay tuned - I will be posting the best meal I find each week based on good food, good prices, and a great atmosphere.